"I really love the dress in the concept art that’s green with Rapunzel’s hair tied up like that. I like it much better than the pink dress she wears in the movie."
"I always wonder why they went with freakishly owl-like eyes for Rapunzel. Her eyes legit scare me because they make her seem nonhuman and Barbie doll-like."
"I actually find Rapunzel and Flynn’s relationship (as well as their individual characters) to be really underdeveloped. I think fans have done more to develop them than the actual movie did. Thank god for good fanfiction."
"I love this movie so much. I feel bad that I can’t talk about it with my friends because they’ll get annoyed."
"The only thing I wish the producers had gotten right was how wrong Rapunzel brushes her hair. With hair that long you brush from the bottom to the top."
"I think Flynn is the real protagonist of Tangled. He’s the only character that evolves through the movie. Rapunzel stays the same the whole time."
"I also use my long hair as a blanket."
"I die a little inside when Mother Gothel kicks Pascal out of the way during Eugene’s death scene."
"I wish Tangled had gotten a whole line action figures. I wanted Rapunzel and Flynn figures with frying pan swinging action, or Gothel with detachable cloak, or Pascal with tongue shooting action, or Pub Thugs set with exclusive Ulf the mime figure. Why can’t princess movies get good toys anymore besides the dolls?"
"Tangled is a great movie and it really has helped me understand myself better and it also has helped me understand what direction I want my life to take."