"I think the fact that people are still arguing about whether or not Mother Gothel loved Rapunzel just shows how well developed her character is and how well written her lines are."
"When I watch Tangled, I don’t dream about being saved from my tower by a handsome, heroic, rugged Flynn Rider, falling in love and getting married. I saved myself. Instead, I fantasize about finding a handsome, heroic, rugged Flynn Rider to share the epic movie-worthy adventures that I’m already experiencing with me."
"I hate it when people say they’re the biggest Tangled fan in the world. It makes me want to put my head in a pillow and cry. I’ve always felt like I’m the biggest Tangled fan in the world. Most likely because I am. I know all the lines to the movie, and everything that hasn’t ever been mentioned in the movie. Basically everything about the movie. I feel like I am the biggest tangled fan in my heart. I also feel the same way about Brave, and Frozen."
"A week ago my friend and I were talking about face character auditions. I told her I’d love to audition once, but I’m uncertain about my appearance especially because I have chubby cheeks. And my friend just said: "Well, you’d make a good Rapunzel." I still haven’t told her how much these words mean to me."
"My uncle has lung cancer and he probably won’t make it until Christmas .When he dies I’m going to light a lantern just like Eugene and Rapunzel do in Tangled."
"As much as I love Rapunzel’s eyes, the Rapunzel doll eyes or the 2D freaks me out a lot."
I understand your Disnerdness my friends and I are high school juniors and obsessed with everything Disney! DO NOT BE ASHAMED!
I've sent in a confession, and been checking the site regularly, and no updates. Are people just not submitting stuff, or are you guys busy again? Just curious. Miss the confessions.

I am working on making them. There are several that have already been made and I just haven’t had time to queue and some I’m about to make. Don’t worry, they’re on the way :)

Ah, great to be open again, i was missing this place.

And we’re happy to be back :)

So happy to have you all back!! Missed you guys and the confessions!!! :D

Thanks! We missed you guys too!