"I really love the dress in the concept art that’s green with Rapunzel’s hair tied up like that. I like it much better than the pink dress she wears in the movie."
"I always wonder why they went with freakishly owl-like eyes for Rapunzel. Her eyes legit scare me because they make her seem nonhuman and Barbie doll-like."
"I actually find Rapunzel and Flynn’s relationship (as well as their individual characters) to be really underdeveloped. I think fans have done more to develop them than the actual movie did. Thank god for good fanfiction."
"The only thing I wish the producers had gotten right was how wrong Rapunzel brushes her hair. With hair that long you brush from the bottom to the top."
"A week ago my friend and I were talking about face character auditions. I told her I’d love to audition once, but I’m uncertain about my appearance especially because I have chubby cheeks. And my friend just said: "Well, you’d make a good Rapunzel." I still haven’t told her how much these words mean to me."
"As much as I love Rapunzel’s eyes, the Rapunzel doll eyes or the 2D freaks me out a lot."
“It makes me upset when most Rapuzel merchandise and her face character has her long blonde hair when it’s in a braid or out because I feel as the a major climax of the movie was her hair getting cut and it showed a lot of character change because the hair help so many memories and expieriences and it seems thrown aside when it’s almost never brunette and technically meeting her with blonde hair makes no sense because it would be after the movie, it confuses me”
“I get really scared Rapunzel and Eugene will be forgotten in the midst of Disney heroes and heroines because they aren’t from classic Disney and in this new 3D animation era there’s Brave and soon Frozen and they don’t have as much merchandise and marketing as the other princesses and characters it terrifies me. I feel as they were some of the most developed Disney characters that everyone should remember and respect”
“Rapunzel’s character means nothing to me. She only has good hair.”
"Many people say that “Rapunzel and Flynn never really loved eachother." But if they didn’t love eachother, would Flynn have revealed his true self? Would Rapunzel have erased all doubt and fear in her mind and given him the satchel back? Would either of them risk their life for the other? Seriously… Tangled is so romantic and magical that I fear I may never experience a love like theirs."