"My uncle has lung cancer and he probably won’t make it until Christmas .When he dies I’m going to light a lantern just like Eugene and Rapunzel do in Tangled."
"I don’t get why people are so fixated on Rapunzel’s hair, yes I bet at times she misses it but for goodness sake I bet she’d rather go bald than have Eugene (may I remind you he was her new dream too) die and have to live without him! Jeez people; having short hair is not the end of the world and she sure as hell looks beautiful with her hair just the way it is!"
"I wonder if Rapunzel didn’t have Pascal she would have a dog. It’s kind of strange actually but I do imagine it."
"I always wonder if maybe the Queen is reading "The Tales of Flynnigan Rider" right before her and the King reunite with Rapunzel, it’s unlikely but you never know."
“After having shown my boyfriend tangled once, he took it upon himself to get floating lanterns so we could light them on my 18th birthday. He really made me feel like a princess.”
“I wish there were more Tangled fan sites.”
“I think it’s somewhat disappointing that Disney makes beautiful Rapunzel (and other princess) dresses for little girls to wear, but doesn’t realize that girls and women over the age of 10 want to wear them too!”
“Tangled is amazing, but it made me yern for something that I don’t know even exists- magic. Someday, I’ll release my lantern and find it .”
"My favourite thing is watching Flynn during Rapunzel’s "bi-polar" moments. He’s all like "Can we just get this done so I’ll get rid of this crazy kid". It’s hilarious!"
“When I see Rapunzel’s dad cry before he steps outside to send the single lantern into the sky, my heart shatters.”