"I hate it when I see Rapunzel shipped with Jack Frost, Hiccup from httyd, Guy from The Croods, or anyone else. I see her with Eugene and Eugene only. and i’m not sorry."
"I hate it when people argue about Eugene/Flynn cutting Rapunzel’s hair, and that, "he shouldn’t have done it" or, "that he should have cut it longer." I mean first off, he was trying to protect Rapunzel,so Mother Gothel wouldn’t use her no more. And second, it was a moment of weakness for him, he was dying for crying out loud! I don’t think he was strong enough to actually pay attention to where he was positioning the piece of glass. Plus short hair is a change in princess history."
"All the way through Tangled, I never felt the love-like relationship between Rapunzel and Flynn/Eugene. I think they had more of a bad-ass brother and immature sister relationship."
"The thing that gets me the most in Eugene’s death scene is the fact that not only are there visible tears in his eyes, but when he tried to get her attention saying "Rapunzel" he actually has to tug her face to look at him with his very last strength. Kills me every time."
"I always love the close up of Rapunzel and Eugene when she sings What Once Was Mine when he dies in her arms. Its amazing how the animators made her so real like looking"
"I don’t like being told off for calling Eugene ‘Flynn’. Both names are completely valid. Like how we have multiple aspects and personality traits, so does he. Flynn would not exist without Eugene, and Eugene’s inner strength wouldn’t come without Flynn. They are one and the same, and to say "You can only love him as Eugene" is to completely disregard the dynamics and depth of his character."
"I always wonder what Eugene and Rapunzel are talking about (or not talking) when they wait for the King and Queen to meet them. It still ponders on my mind every now and then."
"I personally didn’t find Flynn/Eugene to be attractive."
"I am in a wheelchair, and recently I went for a fitting for a new one, and they asked me what color I wanted it to be. I chose blue for the base and purple for the hubcaps. Everyone thinks I am getting them just because they’re my favorite colors, and even though they are, it’s my little secret that I’m also getting them as a little homage to Eugene and Rapunzel."
"I’ve always want to know more about Flynn’s/ Eugene’s earlier life and Gothel’s earlier life before Rapunzel came along, and it should at least be mention in the film.”