"I think Flynn is the real protagonist of Tangled. He’s the only character that evolves through the movie. Rapunzel stays the same the whole time."
"When I watch Tangled, I don’t dream about being saved from my tower by a handsome, heroic, rugged Flynn Rider, falling in love and getting married. I saved myself. Instead, I fantasize about finding a handsome, heroic, rugged Flynn Rider to share the epic movie-worthy adventures that I’m already experiencing with me."
"Flynn Rider is the one Disney man that I really hate. He stole from the Palace, broke into someone’s house and tried to trick and lie to a young girl. How is he any better than Gothel?"
“Usually I don’t find disney characters attractive but seeing flynn’s hair, eyes, face and everything especially his voice, I was in love.”
“I love Flynn’s solo in, “I’ve Got A Dream”. It’s hilarious.”
“I don’t care if Flynn Rider isn’t real, I wanna marry him.”
"Although I REALLY love tangled, the storyline & everything, I can’t help thinking that Eugene used rapunzel to get the castle. He already stated in the start of the film saying "Guys, I want a castle." I’ll probably get bashed for saying this, I know."
“I’m so conflicted. One half of me thinks “Flynn Rider” may have slept around with a FEW women (because this is DISNEY do I don’t think he could ever be a womanizer), but then my other half see this purity in “Flynn Rider” so he could POSSIBLY (but unlikely) be a virgin - heck even when Eugene had his Flynn Rider mask on in the pub he still protected Punzie by putting himself in front of her and the thugs when the thug slammed that door on them. So I just don’t know.”
“When Eugene was at the bottom of the tower calling out for Rapunzel to let down her hair you could really hear the strain, fear and agony in his voice; and it breaks my heart every time. Zachary Levi really couldn’t have voiced that better.”
“I don’t like brown eyes that much, but I love Eugene’s. I don’t know what it is but his are just so pretty.”