"I missed the first part of Tangled where they were saying- "Gothel stole the child" and about the flower. So I just thought that Gothel was a very stubborn mom. And, I actually thought she was a good role model."
"Although many people think that Gothel calling Rapunzel "chubby" is a bad influence on children, I don’t think so. Gothel said something mean to her, and she was later shown as the villain. It means that whoever calls you such mean words is the bad guy in the situation, and you’re not really what they say you are."
"Once, my friend told me she had a dream that our class did a school play of Tangled and I was Gothel. I’ve never taken that as an insult. To this day, whenever I watch the movie, I try to perfect Gothel’s role so if our school actually ever does Tangled, I can be ready."
"I think Gothel is a witch because she can’t be mortal as she has a magic flower and conquers a magic spell to activate its powers."
"Sometimes I shudder to think what would have happened if Gothel got her way and taken Rapunzel. She probably would have chained her up in a dungeon-like place, only given her food and water, and make her sing all the time…"
"I’ve always want to know more about Flynn’s/ Eugene’s earlier life and Gothel’s earlier life before Rapunzel came along, and it should at least be mention in the film.”
"I just had a thought. Why didn’t Gothel notice Rapunzel painting certain sun shapes around the tower? I saw some very obvious, in very plain sight suns while watching the film. She’s either not as sharp as I thought she was or she’s just too concerned about her looks to notice."
"There are so so many debates on the connection between mother Gothel and Rapunzel but I really do think mother Gothel did actually love her as a daughter despite her selfishness to stay young. She practically raised her and protected her from those who could have done worse… this will be an ongoing debate but this is something people should really think about what she did over the 18 years for Rapunzel, not just make hazel nut soup."
"We won’t find out whether or not Gothel loved Rapunzel. So it stays in every ones own mind how they see it. Don’t bother to argue about such an unclear topic. Just enjoy the movie and make yourself your own opinion without bashing others."
"I think THIS should be the correct edition order of these 3 scenes: FIRST, Eugene’s arrest with the crown tied to his hands by the shore in the evening. AFTER THAT, Gothel undoing Rapunzel’s braid and getting ready for dinner and the whole realization thing. AND THEN, the daybreak with Eugene in the cell, his escape and his going to her rescue."