"I feel like whenever I see a face character of Rapunzel, she only has her hair long and blonde, but never with her hair short and brown. I feel like Rapunzel with short hair doesn’t get any love."
"I would’ve really liked to have seen Rapunzel’s hair shorter, still blonde, but i wonder how it would have look in front of her body."
"People always wonder "How did she stay skinny if she was in that tower her whole life?" I always answer "You know when she’s on the beam, brushing her hair? Climbing that is a lot of cardio.""
"Back in 2009 I decided to cut my hair (which is brown) really short, almost touching my shoulders. And I hated it because I had always had long hair, and right now my hair is very long and almost reaches my belly button. However there is this stubborn part of my hair that grows a LOT slower than the rest so I have a short-ish flick like Rapunzel (not as short though) did when she had blonde hair. And I keep considering whether or not to cut my short hair again because I actually kinda love it.”
"I might be over-analyzing here, but I think that a big factor of why Flynn Cut Rapunzel’s hair in such a fast and careless way is because he didn’t love her just for her magical power. (Yes, I know that he was dying and that he did it to save her.) This was new to Rapunzel, the only person she ever knew just wanted her for her hair. Flynn loved her simply for her beauty, charm, personality and creativity; And she knew that."
"By the end of the movie, you can clearly see that the entire population of Corona is brunette. Every last one. So why, when Eugene first meets Rapunzel, does he not suspect her of being the lost blonde princess from the mural in the courtyard, given that she’s the only blonde in the kingdom?"
"I don’t get why people are so fixated on Rapunzel’s hair, yes I bet at times she misses it but for goodness sake I bet she’d rather go bald than have Eugene (may I remind you he was her new dream too) die and have to live without him! Jeez people; having short hair is not the end of the world and she sure as hell looks beautiful with her hair just the way it is!"
"My cousin has cancer, and every time I watch Rapunzel it makes me burst in to tears because I know she had to cut off all her hair. It’s only until the end of the movie that I realize Rapunzel has to cut off her hair as well that it gives me hope for my cousin."
"I like how they made Rapunzel’s hair realistic in that sometimes they had to pick the hair up and do stuff to get it out of the way. That even though it was a non-realistic fairytale, the animators realized they couldn’t just let the hair drag on the ground throughout the whole movie."
"It makes me really upset when people say that they hate Rapunzel’s short brown hair. It just shows how shallow you all are for considering beautiful hair "long and blonde"."